Rich taste.

Many people do not associate vegan food with tasty and think mainly of salads, sandwiches and nuts/seeds. But there is a world of flavors and ingredients that ensure that vegetable dishes are just as rich as meat dishes. Vegan Bamboo Bar combines Western and Eastern ingredients, spices and flavors to make vegan burgers and dishes with lots of umami. We serve restaurant dishes in a fast-food setting with fast food prices.

For lunch, high tea and diner

We offer warm vegan meals at any time of the day. You can also lounge with us during the afternoon hours with coffee/tea and vegan pastry or snacks.

For flexitarians

For people who eat meat and don’t want to miss the texture and taste of meat, we have alternatives based on beans that can hardly be distinguished from real meat. The big advantage is of course that they are healthier and more sustainable than meat. They are a good first step to get acquainted with a complete meal out of vegetables.

For vegetarians and vegans

For the experienced vegetarians and vegans, we have developed tasty and fresh vegan burgers and warm dishes that are very healthy due to the freshness (without the additives to extend the shelflife).

Vegan Bamboo Bar

Food and salad bar are always fresh!

You can create your own meal based on our warm dishes and salad yourself from 12:00 to 14:30 and 17:00 to 20:30.

From 20:00 to 20:30 we offer the buffet at 50% of the price to avoid waste.

Action against waste

Because we don’t want to throw anything away, we offer what is left in one day via the app “Too Good To Go” for a fraction of the price. The packages can be picked up from 20:30 and 21:00 after ordering via the app.

Vegan Bamboo Bar

Healthy food

For Vegan Bamboo Bar health is the most important aspect of our dishes besides taste. Your food is the building material for your body, of which more than 90% of your cells are renewed every 7 years. Your cells are built up with the nutrients you take in. We want to ensure that the healthiest food for your body is available with us.

Because many people are used to some unhealthy, but tasty food, we will also offer less healthy products. To make you aware of the health aspects, we will indicate with a number from 0 to 10, the VBB Health Score, how healthy the dishes and products are:
• 7-10: Healthy, eat as much as you want
• 5-6: Less healthy, eat in moderation, a few times a week
• 0-4: Unhealthy, eat as little as possible or avoid, a few times a month

If you want to know more click here.

Sustainability and as much as possible organic

With Vegan Bamboo Bar we want to offer an alternative to the traditional unhealthy fast-food chains. As everyone almost knows by now, the meat industry takes a heavy toll on the environment and on animal welfare. If everyone in the world skips meat/milk/eggs one day in a week, it will have a huge impact on the environment.

Vegan Bamboo Bar will serve as much organic fruit and vegetables as possible. However, this is not always possible due to the affordability of the organic ingredients.

Unfortunately, fast food also means that a lot of packaging is used. We have to offer our products in such a way that our customers can take them with them so that they can eat them on the go. Unfortunately, we cannot ignore this. However, we try to supply all our packaging in recyclable paper and biodegradable plastic as much as possible.

Vegan Bamboo Bar

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