At the Vegan Bamboo Bar, taste is our top priority. We also prioritize the health of our guests and the environment by offering delicious dishes at affordable prices. We strive to minimize the use of refined oil; most of our burgers are cooked in the oven, and our chefs prepare the majority of our dishes using olive oil and ingredients sourced directly from the land.


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Health Score

We are convinced that eating healthily can help protect against chronic illness, with the exception of rare genetic conditions. Determining which foods are nutritious can be challenging, which is why we feel it is important to assign a Health Score to our dishes. Dishes with a score of 0-3 should be avoided as much as possible (consume less than once a month) while food with a score of 4-6 should be eaten in moderation and dishes with a score of 7-10 can be eaten freely. Our VBB Health Score page provides more information on what our Health Scores mean.

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