Meat substitutes

According to an analysis by Barclays investment bank, 92% of vegetable meals are consumed by flexitarians in the UK . The meat industry currently converts 1.4 trillion worldwide. In 2019, 1% of these will consist of meat substitutes. This percentage is expected to rise to 10% in ten years, ie, to 140 billion in 2029.

Beyond Meat is one of the well-known companies that markets meat substitutes and went public on the stock exchange in May this year with a valuation of $ 25 per share. After half a year, the company is valued at around $ 75 per share, triple the value since the start. Beyond Meat is now available worldwide and in the Netherlands.

Impossible Foods is another meat substitute, which is popular and whose critics have indicated that this imitation is even better than Beyond Meat. The Impossible Burger is not available in Europe awaiting EU approval for the marketing of soy leghemoglobin, the ferrous substance made with a genetically engineered yeast to accurately imitate the taste of meat.

Many companies have delved into lucrative meat imitation burger business, such as:

• Incredible burger from Nestlé Garden Gourmet
• Mc2 NoBeef burger (not vegan and contains egg) from the Vegetarische Slager acquired by Unilever
• Moving Mountains burger, which is for sale in 2000 restaurants in Europe
• Mundo Verde burger of a company that has just entered the vegan market

We have tasted the burgers mentioned above and ranked them from high to low based on taste:

• Impossible Foods burger
• Beyond Meat burger
• Mundo Verde citizen
• Incredible citizen
• mc2 NoBeef burger (vegetarian)
• Moving Mountains burger

Since we do not want to develop an imitation burger ourselves, we have decided to serve Beyond Meat burger (high purchase price) and the Mundo Verde burger. If you taste both burgers, you will not realize that you are not eating meat.

Since these burgers are produced in a factory, and they are designed to have a long shelf life, they are not very healthy, as they usually contain inferior oils and additives. However, they are still many times healthier than burgers made out of meat.

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