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We offer you a unique chance to invest in a new high-quality fast casual restaurant with a focus on vegan burgers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht. You can already invest with a loan from € 100.

Our plan is “simple”! We aim to offer low-threshold, sustainable, healthy and above all delicious food through an international chain of 100% plant-based restaurants in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Our concept is unique! We combine evidence based knowledge of foods with Western and Asian flavors to create nutritious dishes. Taste is, however, the highest priority. That is why we also offer popular, but less healthy dishes, as they can be particularly delicious! We let our guests make a conscious choice based on our Health Score.

Are you also enthusiastic to invest in this unique concept? Click ‘Invest!’ and fill out our survey. You will not make your investment right away, but you will let us know that you are genuinely interested. This way, we will collect ‘pledges’. Once we have sufficient pledges, we will set up the official Crowdfunding campaign in collaboration with



How it began

Did you know that Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed by changing your diet, that living healthily can extend your life by up to ten years, and that by having average detoxification and methylation genes, you can help ward off age-related illnesses such as dementia, cancer, and heart and vascular diseases by eating healthily and exercising? Conversely, if you have poor genetic predisposition, you may not be able to prevent age-related diseases, yet you can still significantly reduce their progress.

When Shuk Yi was declared incurable by conventional treatment four years ago, we took matters into our own hands. She was barely able to walk due to chronic fatigue and pain caused by oxalic acid from her food—which is largely found in grains, nuts, and vegetables—as well as a chronic deficiency of B12 due to a gene mutation. Fortunately, we were able to improve her health by 70% through optimizing her diet and nutritional intake, based on DNA, nutrition, and microbiome tests. This demonstrates how powerful food can be.

We are eager to share our knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn about the potency of food.



Our Planet

According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, livestock accounts for 14.5% of total human-induced greenhouse gas emissions and occupy 30% of the total land surface area on Earth. Additionally, the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant reports that around 500,000 animals are slaughtered daily in the Netherlands. Eating less meat is, therefore, an effective way to reduce the deforestation of the rainforest, decrease the number of cows and other animals slaughtered, lessen greenhouse gas emissions, and extend the lifespan of the planet, just as it does for us. The only way to consume less meat is to provide people with delicious alternatives, yet currently there are too few of these alternatives, and we want to change that.



Vegan Trend

Vegan was the word of 2019! Plant-based eating has never been more important, as people realize that those with diets lacking in plant-based and fiber-rich foods were the most adversely affected by the coronavirus. Veganism has evolved from a trend to a mainstream lifestyle, and the vegan market is growing. Gradually, the vegan market is expanding. Along with wholefood vegan dishes, plant-based alternatives to meats, fish, and cheese are becoming increasingly popular; examples include Beyond Meat burgers, Oatly oat milk, Impossible Foods burgers, Just Egg scrambled egg, and OmniPork ‘pork’ which can be fried, cooked, or steamed.

And us? Although we proudly promote our homemade wholefoods patties with full flavo, we are happy to offer these substitutes as well, simply because it makes it easier to eat more plant-based. Our goal is not to try to turn everyone vegan, but to provide delicious alternatives.



Concept Vegan Bamboo Bar

Our concept is ready! Thanks to our Pilot Store that we closed in late 2021 due to coronavirus lockdowns, we have developed, refined, and tested ten burgers (including 6 homemade wholefoods patties!), 9 hot dishes, and 25 other vegan dishes for the public.

We provide products that prioritize both health and taste! For instance, our patties, food bar dishes, and mayonnaises are all developed in-house. We source flavors from both Western and Asian cuisines. Moreover, we do not use oil for baking our patties, and use extra-virgin olive oil for food bar dishes, as it is simply a healthful option. Furthermore, we offer flexitarian dishes with plant-based cheese, milk, fish, and meat substitutes, they do not have to miss out on the structure and texture.

Our dishes were highly commended by our guests! In 2020, we conducted a survey which was filled out by 380 people, with 99% of them saying they would recommend our restaurant to others.

We hope you will also be part of this wonderful concept. Download the PDF presentation of our concept here and the survey results here!



The Restaurant

We distinguish two types of restaurants: fast casual burger restaurants with an annual turnover ranging between €450,000 and €1,000,000, and fast-casual food bar restaurants with a turnover ranging between €700,000 and €2,000,000 depending on the size. As we strive to achieve our long-term goal, we plan to start with one restaurant in 2023 and then expand to two in 2024, three in 2025, four in 2026, and five in 2027.

As it can be difficult to secure a location without funds, we would like to provide an example of a property we would like to take over if it is still available after crowdfunding: a property located at Amstelstraat 7 (see photo) next to Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam (64 m2 of sales area with 40 m2 of storage space).

Our first establishment will be a modest fast casual restaurant with our vegan burgers as the main focus. Additionally, we will serve snacks, sandwiches, bubble teas, and vegan milkshakes. To complete the menu, we will offer coffee and tea, pastries, and ice cream. In addition to soft drinks, we will also offer beer and wine.



The Finance

It is currently tough for hospitality businesses to make a profit due to inflation and high energy prices. As a result, interesting properties that can be acquired become available at excellent prices. Therefore, it is an extraordinary opportunity to secure a great location at an attractive price, which is normally hardly possible!

We are seeking to crowdfund in order to create a greater impact in the plant-based foods and global sustainability space. With the support of a larger community, we have the potential to accelerate our growth and achieve our goals on a much larger scale than we would be able to with just our own capital.

The forecasted turnover of the Rembrandtplein restaurant is estimated to be €635,000, with the potential to increase up to €765,000.

We intend to use our own capital and loan of € 475,000 to take over of the business operations, including the goodwill and inventory, purchase additional inventory, undertake renovations, and cover start-up costs. You can access our business plan with financial details via this link!



Management Team

Yung Fu is the founder of Vegan Bamboo Bar. Previously, Yung was a co-founder of Eyefreight, a software-as-a-service transportation management system company, which was acquired by Elemica in 2020. Yung is currently employed by Elemica. Shuk-Yi Lau is the co-founder and was a Process Manager at Rabobank Netherlands. Yung is responsible for the finance, IT, marketing and product management, and Shuk Yi is for the marketing, user experience, web design, interior design, food and taste innovation, and quality control.

Kwok Hung Yip is a co-investor and the owner of the Wok To Go Group, which comprises 27 locations, the Wok! restaurant in Utrecht, and a central kitchen. Yip is responsible with his team for the construction, operation, and setting up of the new restaurants and franchise organisation. With Yip’s expertise, we have successfully demonstrated that we can build beautiful restaurants with high-quality finishes. With Yip’s team, we can optimise the workflow and serve up a burger in 5 minutes using advanced kitchen equipment. To maximize efficiency, we have adopted a hybrid system that allows customers to order via a self-service platform, and be served by our staff, which helps to keep personnel costs to a minimum.



Savings and Benefits

Are you enthusiastic and genuinely interested? Click ‘Invest!’ and fill in our survey! You can help contribute to something amazing in the Netherlands! Loan You loan us an amount for 5 years and receive an annual interest rate of 8% for this. The first repayment will be after six months, to ensure sufficient cashflow in the first period. In addition, you and your partner are invited to the opening party where you can taste all our dishes and get information about our products. You also receive a VIP card with discounts in the first year:

  • 5% discount for a loan of € 100
  • 10% discount for a loan from € 250
  • 15% discount for a loan from € 500
  • 20% discount for a loan from € 1.000
  • 25% discount for a loan from € 2.500
  • 30% discount for a loan from € 5.000
  • 35% discount for a loan from € 10.000
  • Shares For € 5,000 you can become a shareholder, entitling you to dividends and the same benefits as an investor, including a 30% discount for the first five years. For 10,000 the discount of 35% applies.

    Are you feeling excited and genuinely interested? Click ‘Invest!’ and complete our crowdfunding survey! If you have questions, please email


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